This is just a short cautionary tale of how I went from normal weight to obese in just over 1 year.

First, here are my stats:

36 years old

So my maximum normal weight is 195lbs.

The Bliss of ignorance
I hovered right around there for a while fluctuating between 195 and 200. Then I found Tortilla Flats in Soquel, Ca. Let me say first of all, that I am in no way placing blame on this fine restaurant, just that this is where it started. More specifically it started with the Chicken Molé enchiladas. They are so delicious, that I decided that once a week I would have them. You know what goes great with molé enchiladas? NACHOS! So if I was going to have enchiladas and nachos, then I may as well have enchiladas and LARGE nachos and a piece of cheese cake. It was only once a week, so what could it hurt?

God that was bad math!

The should-have-been revelation
So I walked into el Pollo Loco and saw someone with Chicken nachos, and I said to myself mmm NACHOS! While waiting in line to get my treat i saw nutritional info on the wall. Those little chicken nachos I was about to buy had 1050 calories! F#@^%! The large Nachos I had once a week were easily 3x that size!

The impetus
I won't go into specifics, but I needed to get into a suit soon, but I didn't know exactly when. All of my suits were a little loose at 200lbs, but I was pretty sure I had put on a few and I would need to diet to fit them comfortably. So, I hopped on the scale to see where I was at. When I got on, I thought "great!!! the scale is broken!" I would have to buy a new scale. It had to be said 262lbs. That was not possible! So, like any sane person, I started weighing things I knew the weight weights. Those were accurate. I thought "it must just be inaccurate at higher weights". So I asked my wife to weigh herself and tell me if it was right. She said it seemed "like a pound light" to her. And that was it! I resigned myself to the idea that I had gained 62lbs in just over a year.

The Math
After thinking about it, it wasn't hard to see why I was so fat. I've since calculated my once-a-week binge at a conservative 4500 calories. After breakfast and lunch, that days total was about 5700 calories. At my height and activity level, I need 2400 calories/day to maintain 195lbs . (I calculated my required calories using this form)

so, for that day, every week, I was taking in an excess 3300

171,600 extra calories per year!


now there are 3500 calories in a pound so

49.02lbs per year!


Yep...that's how I did it! That's How I Got Fat!